Kuntay Seferoglu

    Kuntay Seferoglu is an instrument designer and experimental musician from Istanbul, based in Berlin.

They explore the interaction of sound and bodies (both human and non-human) through design and performance.

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24.03.24 - SOMA Art Berlin

<8 Waves> - 7PM livestream at oolongradio.com

09.03.24 - Wabe Basel

FLELK ~w/ Mehmet Ali ŞimayliEge Şahin

14.02.24 - ACUD MACHT NEU

with Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits

11.02.24 - PAS Berlin

Off-Axis ~an event I curate, conclusion of my 3 months residency in PAS

with Luis & Paula BrunnerLeon EckardAlessandro Citterio & Paolo Possidente

09.02.24 - PAS Berlin

Recorded an album with Alessandro Citterio & Paolo Possidente, tape & digital release coming soon!

01.02.24 - UdK Berlin

started working as a tutor in Digital Education under Prof. Dr. Daniel D. Hromada

IMPROVBUDDY (2021-2022)

Improvbuddy is an instrument that can’t be controlled. It’s a circuit one has to listen constantly to play (with) it. Improvbuddy generates and synthesizes sounds through random algorithms when it’s triggered by a hit -through piezos and envelope followers.

first started as a pureData patch with a single trigger, then I migrated the idea to SuperCollider with 3 triggers and a different approach on randomization algorithms.