Kuntay Seferoglu

    Kuntay Seferoglu is an instrument designer and experimental musician from Istanbul, based in Berlin.

They explore the interaction of sound and bodies (both human and non-human) through design and performance.

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19.06.24 - Punctum Krásovka Prague

SLUMP.O.O.L #001 w/Shu Chon

24.03.24 - SOMA Art Berlin

<8 Waves> - 7PM livestream at oolongradio.com

09.03.24 - Wabe Basel

FLELK ~w/ Mehmet Ali ŞimayliEge Şahin

14.02.24 - ACUD MACHT NEU

with Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits

11.02.24 - PAS Berlin

Off-Axis ~an event I curate, conclusion of my 3 months residency in PAS

with Luis & Paula BrunnerLeon EckardAlessandro Citterio & Paolo Possidente

09.02.24 - PAS Berlin

Recorded an album with Alessandro Citterio & Paolo Possidente, tape & digital release coming soon!

01.02.24 - UdK Berlin

started working as a tutor in Digital Education under Prof. Dr. Daniel D. Hromada

Cyberdeck #001 - TwinkPad (2024)

RaspberryPi Computer with 5-inch touchscreen

Traces of Memories (2022)

generative a/v piece

Exhibited at Ars Electronica ‘22

Dream of Silicone Skies (2022)

360° experience made in Unity

Data Afterlife (2022)

𝕯𝖆𝖙𝖆 𝕬𝖋𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖋𝖊 is a project that confronts the powers that control not only the data of those living, posting, streaming, and sharing on social media today, but also those users who have left behind their mortal bonds but whose profiles remain.

By relating the opaque tech corporations that have supremacy over our data to the centralized religious institutions who claim ownership over the souls of their followers, the project interrogates how these tech institutions have made data they control a sacred aspect of our social existence–and a divine reflection of the way we see ourselves.

John Kazior, Jolien Maaskant, Ellen Bjerborn, Ivona Petrov and Kuntay Seferoğlu for PSMC Residency

Interplanar Beacon (2021)

a collage of 3D sketches

Cybernetic Diaries (2020)

myo armband, 4 track granular sampler, video synthesizer

SoundPainting (2020)

myo armband, 4 track granular sampler, acrylic on canvas

Remote (2019)

experimental graphical notation using forms of everyday objects